May 9, 2018 Events

Let Your Sweet Tooth Support American Family Farmers

Tuesday afternoon, our sibling restaurant, Farmers & Distillers, welcomed our brand-new 18-wheeler to town, chock-full of ingredients – including the sugar we use in all of our desserts – from North Dakota family farms.

This recent addition to the Farmers Restaurant Group family is another step in our efforts to support family farming in the U.S., while giving our guests high-quality ingredients that make a real difference in our recipes.

Many may not know that family farmers actually make 14.8 cents to every dollar spent on retail food in the U.S. This “farmer’s share” is currently at an all-time low, with farm families facing the sharpest declines in their income since the Great Depression.

As a farmer-owned company, we are doing everything we can to bring more money into the hands of the family farmers who grow and produce our food. This starts with how we get our ingredients.

From now on, most of the sugar we use in our desserts, both granulated and brown, will come directly from North Dakota on our own truck. Keany Produce & Gourmet will continue to help us distribute our North Dakota products, as well as other family-farmed ingredients we use in our recipes, to all of our restaurants across the DC area and to our Founding Farmers in King of Prussia, PA.

Not only is this good for family farmers across the U.S., but it’s good for our guests. All of our desserts taste better with high-quality sugar shipped directly from America’s farmland.

So, the next time you join us for Farmer Ellen’s Carrot Cake, our Blue Ribbon Apple Pie, or some warm cookies, you can feel good knowing you are supporting the heart of this great country, family farmers in the Midwest.

If desserts aren’t your thing, you can support our farmers with one of our craft cocktails. Other ingredients that will also be catching a ride on our truck include the wheat we use in our award-winning craft vodka from our in-house distillery, Founding Spirits.

May 31, 2023
Drink, Food

Celebrate Dad with Our Brunch, Steak Dinner, Drinks & More

Join us Father’s Day weekend to celebrate Dads and all they do. We have so many delicious ways to treat Dad this year. Treat Dad to a Steak Dinner Our steakhouse selections are one of our best kept secrets.

May 21, 2023
Events, Food

Memorial Day Weekend with Us

Memorial Day is almost here, a holiday that for most marks the start of summer and a time of reverence in honor of our nation’s service members. This Memorial Weekend, all of our restaurants will be offering our brunch Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. 

March 20, 2023

Celebrating Our Annual Cherry Blossoms

We love welcoming Spring to the Nation’s Capital every year, especially the chance to enjoy and celebrate our famous Cherry Blossoms, which can be found along the Tidal Basin surrounded by some of DC’s most visited monuments.

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