Throughout our collection of restaurants, we strive to create interesting, unique interiors. The best way we know how to do this is to step away from current, mass-produced culture and seek out the individual creative spirit as found in original pieces of art and custom-made designs. Aligned with our principles to stay close to our sources (as we do with our food and drink), we collaborate with local and regional artists and designers. We love getting to know our artists and artisans, and we take great pride in showcasing their skill and talent. The artists are as important as the art itself, as with the farmer and the crop. We hope our guests appreciate the artwork in our restaurants and the stories they tell. We work to create a restaurant atmosphere that allows our guests to be fed not only delicious food and drink, but also mind food to nourish and entertain their intellect, heart, and soul. And maybe even bring a smile or two to their face.

We invite you to explore and enjoy our restaurants. We quite like our artsy side. We think you will too.


Through the Eyes of the Founding Farmer.