Seeking Out The Creative Spirit

Art at Founding Farmers

Throughout our collection of restaurants, we strive to create interesting, unique interiors. The best way we know how to do this is to step away from current, mass-produced culture and seek out the individual creative spirit as found in original pieces of art.

Aligned with our principles to stay close to our sources (as we do with our food & drink), we collaborate with individual artists from our neighborhoods, across America, and beyond. We take great pride in showcasing their skill and talent.



RichshaadRyan, a self-taught DC-based artist, says he is “spreading positivity with bright colors as my voice” while making “ordinary art for extraordinary people.”


Noella Cotnam

The work of sculptor Noella Cotnam can be seen in all of our restaurants. Mostly animal sculptures, some are large – like this giant beaver, some are small, all are beloved.


Ronald Jackson

Ronald Jackson helps us tell the stories of the country’s first presidential chefs, the enslaved men and women who ran the kitchens in the White House, Mount Vernon, and Monticello. We pay tribute to these extraordinary individuals for their contributions to our nation’s history and current culinary landscape.


Emily Hoxworth

“Nature’s Chain” by Emily Hoxworth was inspired by founding father and farmer, Thomas Jefferson’s early ecological writings and the flower gardens at Monticello.


Darla Jackson

Darla Jackson reminds us of life on the farm with her playful Goat Ladder. She says she always begins with an emotion, something relatable to anyone, and often uses the familiarity of animal forms to bring it to life.


Matthew White

We commissioned Matthew White to sculpt a very special guest who never leaves, our seated Bronze Bar Fox who can now be seen toasting with his Glencairn Whisky Glass.

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Founding Farmers Artists

We love getting to know our artists. We hope you will too, through the links below or in person in one of our restaurants.

seeking out the creative spirit
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