August 11, 2023 Drink, Food, Sustainability

Buzzin’ for Beyla Honey

At Founding Farmers, we have a deep-rooted commitment to sourcing the finest ingredients from family farmers we know and trust. One of our cherished partnerships is with Beyla Honey, nestled in Grant County, North Dakota. The tale of their pure, delicious honey begins with the remarkable Jensen family, whose passion for beekeeping spans over three generations. 

Nick and Tawnie Jensen are this generation’s dynamic duo behind Beyla Honey. They both possess an unwavering connection to the world of bees. Nick grew up surrounded by the captivating buzz of honey bees. Nick’s grandfather and father imparted their wisdom, passing down the art of beekeeping through the family lineage. With Beyla Honey, Nick is not only honoring his heritage but also breathed life into the age-old traditions that have been an inseparable part of his family’s legacy. 

The heart of Beyla Honey lies in their signature raw, unpasteurized clover honey, a nectar that emanates directly from the flowers dotting the scenic North Dakota landscape. Ensuring the honey’s freshness and pristine quality, every jar takes a picturesque journey on our North Dakota Farmers Union 18-wheelers, farmer-owned vehicles synonymous with a sense of pride and commitment to the land they traverse. 

The Jensen’s commitment to sustainability and the careful crafting of honey products resonates deeply with our core values. To them, beekeeping is an art, and their bees are not merely industrious insects but vital contributors to our ecosystem, essential for pollinating the very crops we use to create our culinary wonders.  As we continue to serve food & drink infused with the essence of Beyla Honey, like our Skillet Cornbread with Honey Butter, our Coconut Chia Bowl, and our refreshing Clementine Cooler, we do so with a deep sense of gratitude and admiration for the Jensen family. Their unwavering dedication to the bees, the land, and the time-honored art of beekeeping inspires us to preserve the purity of flavors that grace our tables. Together, we raise a toast to the timeless traditions preserved by Beyla Honey, an emblem of the remarkable harmony between humans and nature. Make a reservation or order online to taste our Beyla Honey for yourself.  

September 2, 2023
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Founding Farmers is Open on Thanksgiving

We are open on Thanksgiving! There are 3 ways you can celebrate Thanksgiving Day with us. Or join us anytime during the holiday weekend.  1. Thanksgiving in Our Restaurants  Please join us at any of our Founding Farmers restaurants on Thursday, November 23  for our special Thanksgiving prix fixe dinner menu.

September 2, 2023
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Heat & Eat Thanksgiving Weekend

Our decadent menu of delicious scratch-made food is the perfect way to enjoy Thanksgiving in the comfort of your home all weekend long. Our special Heat & Eat Thanksgiving Weekend at Home comes with our detailed cooking and reheating instructions and is available for pick up at most of our restaurants* across the DMV (including Farmers Fishers Bakers DC) and in KOP.  

August 12, 2023
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Celebrate Rosh Hashanah With Us

Looking for restaurant-prepared food to celebrate Rosh Hashanah? Most of our restaurants have menus to enjoy around our tables and at home: MoCo’s Founding Farmers – Founding Farmers Tysons – Founding Farmers Reston Station – Founding Farmers & Distillers DC – Founding Farmers King of Prussia.

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