roasted in house, fully traceable

Founding Farmers ROASTS Coffee

We are now roasting truly exceptional, fully traceable coffee beans from independent farmers around the world. Our mission-driven operations have extended to coffee as we continue to support family farmers, close the gap between farmers and your food & drink, make everything we can from scratch, and work to consistently do more good and less harm for the planet.

Founding Farmers Coffee is roasted by us in small batches using our state-of-the-art Bellwether Roaster producing zero emissions. We are certain you can taste the difference.

Pick up a bag next time you dine with us or order for pick up or delivery from any of our locations. Nationwide shipping & subscription coming soon!

Friendship Blend

Medium Roast
well-rounded & sweet, nuts, toffee, chocolate

Our unique Friendship Blend combines Central & South American beans to create a delicious cup of coffee, equally enjoyable black and with cream & sugar.

XOXO Espresso

Espresso Roast
full-bodied & sweet, dark chocolate, cranberry, toasted nut

Our proprietary XOXO Espresso is a blend of East African & Latin American beans perfect for all espresso drinks, as well as drip and French press coffees.

Seasonal Single Origin Varietal

We roast and serve seasonal coffees in our restaurants. Ask about today’s house-roasted varietal.

the taste of freshly roasted coffee

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Coffee

French Press Single
1 ½ tbsp medium course ground beans + 1 cup of water

Drip Coffee Pot
10 tbsp medium ground beans + 12 cups water

What Makes Our Coffee Sustainable?


  • Grown and processed in ways that conserve the planet
  • Provides better livelihoods for the people who grow and process it
  • Fully traceable
  • Roasted in small batches producing zero emissions

Perk up, preserve the planet, and support farmers all in one sip. 

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Looking for a Great Cup of Coffee?

Our restaurant coffee menus include a variety of expresso drinks and our Ground Control Brewed Coffee – a revolutionary process that creates a series of mini-brews extracting all of the flavor and none of the bitterness – which we think makes the perfect cup of coffee.

All of our proprietary coffees are available in our restaurants and to go.

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Enjoy At Home: 

Order a bag from our MoCo’s Founding Farmers or Founding Farmers Tysons Market & Grocery locations

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