Celebrating the Magic of Honey Bees

At Founding Farmers, we’re all about celebrating and protecting honey bees any way we can.

This year’s National Honey Bee Day was particularly sweet for us as it fell on the heels of the big honey harvest from our urban apiary at The George Washington University, in the heart of Washington, D.C.

On August 5th, we successfully yielded 250 lbs of honey, which is 75 more pounds than we extracted last year. Team members joined GW researchers to help extract the honey from the hives, and then used centrifuges to spin the honey from the honeycomb. For our team, it was particularly rewarding to see the fruits of their labor and the bees progress, because we participated in the installation of six new hives last spring.

Every day, we are grateful for the bounty we get from honey bees, whether the simple sweetness of their honey or the complex ecological underpinnings that support the diversity of harvests worldwide. Every year, we are happy to celebrate National Honey Bee Day and remind our staff and guests about the true miracle of the busy, buzzing honey bee.

Through the Eyes of the Founding Farmer.