MoCo Dessert Menu


MoCo’s Founding Farmers Dessert Menu

At Founding Farmers in Potomac, Maryland, there is always room for dessert. Experience the sweetness of freshly made treats using high-quality ingredients from family farms across the U.S.  

Maybe you’re looking for the perfect end to an amazing lunch or dinner. Try our Blue Ribbon Apple Pie. Or why not share our Chocolate Mousse Bowl for Two? Maybe you’re simply stopping by for some warm, fresh baked cookies. Or you and a friend really want some house-churned chocolate ice cream with your glass of red wine. Or perhaps you are trying to cool off after a day of hiking the Billy Goat Trail at Great Falls with The Very Best Milkshake made with our house-churned ice cream. Or you need a warm-up after ice skating at Cabin John Ice Rink and can’t wait for a cup of our First Bake Blend coffee with some Uncle Buck’s Beignets. Whatever the reason, we have a delicious assortment of desserts that are great on their own or to cap off a meal.

Join us at MoCo’s Founding Farmers for dessert with dinner or on its own. We know sometimes you need a little something sweet. If possible, we recommend making reservations.

Through the Eyes of the Founding Farmer.