Conscious Capitalism

Building Community & Social Impact

At Founding Farmers, hospitality means acting towards others with kindness, showing real concern for the well-being of people without the expectation of return, welcoming people, and sharing with them in the spirit of giving. We are a mission-driven team partnering with our neighbors, farmers, and communities to elevate humanity.

At Founding Farmers, we continually and consistently invest in our communities. We are a farmer-owned company on a mission to support American family farmers, preserve and protect our planet, and maintain close ties to our neighbors, friends in business, and collaborators. We believe in Conscious Capitalism and never prioritize profit over mission. We grow our philanthropic projects with an appreciation for long-term relationships and making an impact. In 2019, we were awarded the prestigious Moxie Award for our bold, innovative growth strategies and helping to not only “make the DC metro area a great place to do business, but also an incredible place to live, thrive, and play.”

Our enterprise goes beyond the plate and beyond the dining experience, to walking our talk in our communities, our industry, and on behalf of our environment. We are members of the Founding Circle for DC’s Conscious Capitalism chapter, hosting meals and participating in educational efforts and outreach. We are continually working to raise the bar in our industry, most recently hosting a panel on Women In Hospitality: Pathways & Ladders at our sibling restaurant, Farmers & Distillers.

For over a decade, we have stayed true to our mission, consistently working to build community and make an impact in how we hire our employees, source our ingredients, and participate and influence others in our regions and across the hospitality industry.

in today’s world, a brand without reliable character is not a reliable brand

DC Central Kitchen

“I am a student at DC Central Kitchen’s Training Program. You came today and spoke to the class about time management, soft skills, and life skills. I want to thank you for your dedication to empowering yourself and others. Be encouraged!”

We partner with DC Central Kitchen, teaching quarterly classes in personal development and time management. We also support chef interns in our restaurants as part of their job training programs. Many of our former DC Central Kitchen interns have successfully become full-time employees in our kitchens. Our 18-wheeler that brings food supplies directly from our farmer owners in North Dakota also provides ingredients for DC Central Kitchen’s culinary job training program and for their community meals.


The George Washington University Apiary & Research Program

“With the support of Farmers Restaurant Group, students not only become masterful beekeepers, but are granted the opportunity to conduct independent research concerning the health of honey bees & their local environments. This summer, our apiary was buzzing with 18 active hives and nearly 200,000 honey bees, resulting in us collecting over 250 pounds of honey!”
—Camille Leoni, Head Beekeeper, The George Washington University

Through a unique initiative, developed in partnership with The George Washington University, Founding Farmers established the largest restaurant-owned apiary in the country. Since 2011, we have been providing annual funding for an urban apiary at The George Washington University for undergraduate research and to maintain the hives. This research helps us better understand bee behavior patterns and colony collapse disorder, as well as a scholarship for the lead student researcher. And in a beautiful symbiotic relationship, our urban rooftop apiary annually provides almost one hundred pounds of honey that we harvest to use in our restaurants and in our very special GW Limited Edition Founding Spirits “Never Bitter” Amaro.


Cornell University Maple Program

Founding Farmers partners with Cornell University’s Maple Program, which provides the largest acreage in the world devoted to sugar maple research. Nestled in the Adirondacks are 200+ acres of forest where approximately 6,000 trees are tapped for maple syrup and studied to better understand syrup production and forest preservation. About three-quarters of the maple syrup produced at Cornell’s forest comes to our restaurants, which amounts to over a thousand gallons of syrup each year, all produced with sustainability for the future in mind.


Our Last Straw

In 2018, our parent company – Farmers Restaurant Group – founded a business coalition turned non-profit, Our Last Straw. We wanted to expand our sustainability efforts beyond the walls of our restaurants and into our communities, working to lead a coalition across the hospitality industry. Our goal is to eliminate the distribution and use of plastic straws across our regions and work together to reduce our reliance on single-use plastics. As major distributors of plastic straws, it is imperative that the hospitality industry leads the charge for change. Business demand for non-plastic straws has already led to more effective, affordable alternatives.

Our Last Straw has been credited with helping establish the new DC straw regulations and taking the DC plastic straw ban over the finish line to enforcement, in addition to helping several local towns and the state of Maryland draft similar plastic straw legislation. Our Last Straw also funds merit scholarships for college students needing financial aid while studying some aspect of sustainable business. Our Last Straw is looking to expand to other regions and other single-use plastics in the future.

Giving Back

Supporting Non-Profits, Our Communities & Schools

Our support for many nonprofits and local schools, includes: Best Buddies, No Kid Hungry, the Armed Services Arts Partnership, and a local elite cycling team. We collaborate with Last Call for Food, a DC-based program providing affordable meals for college students. We collaborate with Sweet Virginia to inspire and educate children about the importance of honey bees, and they also provide sunflowers to Founding Farmers Tysons each year as part of our honey bee education. We have provided support to Veterans in a New Field, which trains veterans in sustainable agricultural practices. We commissioned custom-craft cabinetry for Founding Farmers King of Prussia that was designed and created by the Challenge Program, a Delaware-based organization teaching at-risk youth valuable construction and mill-working skills. We participated in an educational summit on plastic pollution, regularly support Potomac River clean-up efforts, and have an ongoing collaboration with the Alice Ferguson Foundation.

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