Cotnam has provided artwork for all of our restaurants. She sculpts and carves figures to live in our spaces, such as our frolicking gophers, a whimsical duck, a beautiful golden egg, and our big, beloved bear, that are welcoming and well known to our guests.

At Founding Farmers Reston Station, we feature two of her sculptures: a giant beaver and a mockingbird to honor Thomas Jefferson, who loved and collected mockingbirds.

Noella Cotnam is multi-talented artist, sculptor, sign designer, illustrator, mural painter, carver, furniture maker, and mechanical draftsman. A self-proclaimed country girl at heart, her first clients were farmers, and her partnership with Farmers Restaurant Group continues a long-standing connection with the agricultural community. In 1982, she started her sign company, Sign It (and, out of the summer kitchen of a century-old farmhouse north of Williamstown, Ontario. Signs produced by Cotnam can be found the world-over, from Guam and Beirut to Greece, England, and Washington, D.C.

Ontario, Canada
Beaver, Mockingbird
Carved Foam with Paint, 2018

Through the Eyes of the Founding Farmer.