Neile Cooper

Twenty years of working with stained glass has given artist Neile Cooper exquisite skill and an eye for the unusual. She intricately carves and solders decorative glass panes into shapes inspired by nature, often embedding found artifacts within her artwork.

Her mystical and expertly crafted stained glass panels of our King of Prussia host stand are a testament to the wonders of our natural surroundings. Real geodes, crystals, and minerals set within the glass panels create stained glass windows into the geology of Pennsylvania and its vast system of underground caves. These panels are inspired by pieces from the forest floor, ferns, mushrooms, and wild flowers. Cooper’s work helps us honor the lush surrounding landscape and the importance of sustainable family farming. The side panel also salutes our farmer owners, North Dakota Farmers Union (as shown, NDFU).

Our King of Prussia cozy nook features Cooper’s stained glass geodes and a magnificent swarm of iridescent moths flocking towards lanterns. These pieces also feature real Pennsylvania crystals and geodes set within the glass, and one of the larger moths is a glass illustration of the lunar cycle. Many of our Founding Farmers planted their crops in accordance with the waxing and waning of the moon, and the lunar calendar remains an integral part of the annual Old Farmer’s Almanac to this day.

A stained glass artist and a jeweler, Cooper lives in Lake Mohawk, NJ. Since 2013, Cooper has been creating her Glass Cabin, an 8×12 stand-alone structure she built almost entirely from reclaimed materials: rafter beams from fallen trees, lumber from a neighbor’s storm-damaged porch, and many old window frames. “The Glass Cabin is my dream project, my creative sanctuary, my magnum opus,” says Cooper. “A tiny cabin sheathed entirely in my stained glass creations, the clear glass panes are slowly being replaced and transformed into a colorful display of ferns, flowers, bugs, and birds in vivid stained glass. Soon, the entire cabin will be stained glass.”

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