Artist Constance Stuven hand-painted murals depicting scenes from Valley Forge and illustrating Pennsylvania’s state tree, the Eastern Hemlock for the walls of the General’s Parlor, our private dining room. Inspired by the stories of life and perseverance during this pivotal point in our American history, Stuven has created a 360-degree mural featuring bunnies as soldiers, including one of General George Washington surveying his troops and running drills, others as busy builders securing the camp, and bakers and cooks providing sustenance for the soldiers. The lower panels have bunny officers reviewing strategies and soldiers in their barracks playing cards. Artist Stuven referenced the bunnies of sculptor Darla Jackson to help illustrate the historic narrative of the long, cold winter encampment of 1777-78. Her murals also give a sense of the hardworking and proud nature of these soldiers, as well as the bakers and farmers that supplied sustenance to them.

Stuven is a Washington, D.C.-based painter, sculptor, and furniture designer with a love of landscape watercolors and intaglio etchings. She has been working with the Farmers Restaurant Group as part of our design and development team, and we are delighted to have her art on display. Holding a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, she has exhibited works around DC and New York, including several large commissioned ceiling murals and large chalkboard murals at restaurants.

Washington, D.C.
Continental Bunnies: Scenes from the Valley Forge Encampment
Pennsylvania State Trees: Eastern Hemlocks
Acrylic Wall Murals, 2017

Through the Eyes of the Founding Farmer.