Reston Station Dessert Menu

Founding Farmers in Reston, VA Dessert Menu

Treat yourself to a dessert made from scratch at Founding Farmers Reston Station. There is certainly no greater way to finish off lunch or dinner than with one of our handmade desserts, but you don’t need to eat first to enjoy them. We encourage you to just stop in for dessert.  

Our extensive dessert menu includes our fresh baked donuts, specialty ice creams, vanilla bean cheesecake, cakes and pies, affogato, and a wide range of coffees and teas.

Try our vanilla bean cheesecake and choose from a variety of toppings such as hot fudge, crème brûlée, chocolate sauce & strawberries, and more. Or get a taste of our cakes and pies, from classic carrot cake and apple pie, to a more decadent chocolate sinful devil’s food cake.

If you love a great donut, try our famous donuts that are made to order. Choose from glazed donuts, baked, and filled. With a dozen flavors to choose from, you are sure to find something you love – from maple glazed and devil’s food to chocolate peanut toffee and bananas foster – we’ve got donuts for everyone.

Founding Farmers Reston offers specialty ice creams that are hand-churned, in-house. Our house-made ice creams can be enjoyed in various ways from a simple cone to our amazing banana split with chocolate, strawberry, and caramel sauces, whipped cream, peanuts, vanilla ice cream, and much more.

Enjoy your dessert with our selections of coffees and teas. Our First Bake Blend drip coffee is made from beans uniquely selected and roasted for us with our friends at Compass Coffee. We also make a variety of coffee and espressos such as cappuccino, latte, macchiato, double espresso, iced coffee, and more. Treat yourself to our affogato with hot espresso or cold nitro brew poured over our house-churned ice cream in flavors from classic vanilla to our popular mix of Founding Spirits American Whiskey & Cornflakes. Check out our super premium teas blended for us by T Salon, NYC. Stop by Founding Farmers Reston Station for a dessert you are sure to love.

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