Group & Private Dining at King of Prussia

Founding Farmers King of Prussia has a variety of options for those seeking group and private dining in the greater Philadelphia area. For special events and gatherings, we offer prix fixe menus, served or arranged buffet style, which we can tailor to provide the perfect meal and experience for you, your guests, and your budget. For smaller parties, our full menu can also be made available.

General’s Parlor: Private Dining Room

Our General’s Parlor is a multi-use, private dining room perfectly tucked away behind a faux bookcase door adjacent to our main dining area. A beautiful room featuring a hand-painted 360-degree mural, our General’s Parlor is perfect for birthday parties, holiday gatherings, graduation celebrations, office meetings, medical board meetings, or a science symposium. It can be reserved every day for every meal, with the exception of Saturday and Sunday (and some holiday Mondays), from 9am-5pm when we offer our Farmers Market Buffet Brunch service.

The General’s Parlor has concealed AV equipment for those looking to have a working session while they dine. It is ideal for a plated, prix fixe menu.

Private Dining
Seats: Up to 25 (with AV use). Up to 30 (without AV use)


This bright, inviting room is highly adaptable for your needs. For smaller, more informal gatherings, such as a group lunch or a bridal or baby shower, we can seat up to 28 at a table within our dining room, amongst our other guests. In this arrangement, we would offer a plated, prix fixe menu or our full menu. For a larger yet private dining experience, the entire room, which seats up to 75, can be made available. If the Sunroom is fully reserved, it can accommodate a plated, prix fixe menu or a mix of buffet and passed items.

Seats: Up to 75


Part of our main dining room, our Larder can be used for a gathering of up to 22 guests seated at one long table, while guests enjoy the liveliness of our dining room. The area can also be curtained off, if desired, for more privacy. AV equipment can be added for a working meeting or a celebration needing a slide show. Both dining options would feature either a prix fixe meal or our full menu. Our Larder is also the perfect area for a lively cocktail reception, allowing for 40-50 guests, using a blend of buffet and passed items.

Seats: Up to 22 (with AV equipment available)
Reception: 45-50 (standing room)

The Barn

Centrally located in the restaurant, The Barn is adjacent to our lively bar, creating just the right setting for a happy hour or casual event. Twenty-four guests can be seated across two long tables.

Seats: Up to 24

Living Room

Our Living Room is ideal for a casual, sit-down dinner for up to 40 guests. Using multiple booths and tables arranged in near proximity creates a lively dining experience amidst the ebb and flow of our restaurant. In the Living Room, we serve a prix fix menu.

Seats: Up to 40

Cozy Nook

Our Cozy Nook can accommodate a seated, served event for a group of up to 26 guests. This is not a private dining room, but a semi-private, quieter area of our restaurant, ideal for families, business meetings, or friends looking to catch-up and reconnect. Our extended, Cozy Nook dining table is a great choice for up to 18 guests to gather and enjoy our scratch-made food and drink. We can also add nearby booths to the seating mix for exclusive use of this area. Depending on the number of guests and event needs, a prix fixe or our full menu would be offered.

Seats: 18-26

If you would like to explore our group & private dining choices at Founding Farmers King of Prussia (or our sibling locations) with our private dining specialist, please fill out the form below. We will contact you within 36 hours of receiving your request to coordinate details. Or email us at

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