DC Dessert Menu

Founding Farmers Washington DC Dessert Menu

Satisfy your sweet tooth at Founding Farmers DC with our delicious, scratch-made selection of treats and sweets. From first-timers to regulars, our desserts are always crowd pleasers.

From our Uncle Buck’s Beignets to our specialty cakes, such as Farmer Ellen’s Carrot Cake and Vanilla Bean Cheesecake to our house-churned ice creams and sorbets to a plate of fresh baked, warm cookies, there is truly something delicious for everyone. If you’re stopping by in the summer months, after a day of touring the White House and Lincoln Memorial with your family, we recommend cooling down with The Very Best Milkshake made from our house-churned ice cream. For the winter-time-tourists, you can’t go wrong with a hot chocolate and some comforting Blue Ribbon Apple Pie or our Seasonal Fruit Crisp.

Whether you are joining us just for dessert or for a full meal, we hope you will consider enjoying your dessert with a steaming cup of our First Bake Blend drip coffee or a glass of wine from our selection of fine wines, including our own proprietary varieties made in collaboration with expert vintners.

If you’re someone who waits eagerly all meal for a little sweet ending or someone who likes to get dessert all on its own, come on by to Founding Farmers DC to see what sweet confections we’re making. If possible, we recommend making a reservation.


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