Green by Design / LEED® Gold!

LEED is a certification for architecture and interiors that have been constructed and created with a minimum of impact on the environment. LEED certification criteria are standards for the most efficient and environmentally friendly building elements, including lighting, heating and cooling, water use and other advanced building systems. Reclaimed woods, post-consumer content fabrics, Paperstone composite countertops, poured-concrete bar tops and low- and no-fume paints also apply to the LEED credits necessary for certification.

Beyond the building itself, Founding Farmers is a Certified Green Restaurant® as recognized by the Green Restaurant Association for eco-friendly operations. These measures include front-of-house and back-of-house recycling, high-efficiency water and energy usage and using recycled paper products whenever possible. For our guests, it means the menus are printed on recycled paper with soy-based inks and that water is served in reusable glass carafes with the option of fresh-filtered, still or sparkling Vivreau water, using no waste-producing glass or plastic bottles at all.

Founding Farmers is proud to be an official partner, supporting global climate-friendly renewable energy projects and the mission of education, offsets and outreach. We understand that all businesses have a carbon footprint, and we offset some of CO2 emissions annually with the purchase of carbon credits through