The Family Farmer

The American family farmer is truly at the heart of Founding Farmers because the restaurant is owned by genuine, hardworking, American family farmers.

We believe it is the right of all diners and food lovers to enjoy of a good “meal away from home” that is fulfilling, delicious and honest, made with ingredients from high-quality sources. We strive to source the best products seasonally and regionally whenever possible, and our meals are prepared with the utmost care and attention by our talented chefs and kitchen staff. “Strive” is an important word, because in today’s world and today’s economy, it isn’t always possible to source or buy the ideal products.

The Founding Farmers name represents a combination of ideas: it is a celebration of the land and the American family farmer; it is a nod to the founding fathers of our country, many of whom owned and farmed land that surrounds Washington, D.C.; and it is a place where true, sustainably farmed, grown and harvested American foods are brought to our guests.

The rich history of American cooking tradition is celebrated throughout the menus at Founding Farmers, with a philosophy to promote sustainable agriculture and the ways of the American family farmer at every turn. Each season, new choices reflect the best of what’s available from our sources.  At Founding Farmers, it isn’t always about “local”, or “organic” — sure, when it makes sense, those are great things, but local doesn’t always mean the smallest carbon footprint, and “organic” can also refer to broccoli that comes from China.

Our mantra is “quality and natural ingredients”: if we find a product we love from a family farmer in California, we buy it; if we find a biodynamic vineyard in Chile, we love buying that wine. And carbon footprint, you ask? We buy carbon offsets to ensure that regardless of the distribution distance, Founding Farmers is walking its talk that the planet matters.

As stewards of the land, family farmers work to protect the soil, the air, the water and biodiversity in addition to producing high-quality, healthy foods. Thus the Founding Farmers philosophy to operate wisely, serve the community and live green is the heart of the American family farmer.

Everyone needs to eat. Most people prefer to eat food that is healthy — but how do you know what is “good” and what is not? When consumers make purchasing decisions on groceries for their households, they seek out opportunities to purchase the freshest and healthiest foods from local groceries and farmers’ markets, but they often give their favorite restaurants a pass on this high standard of food.

At Founding Farmers, know that we strive to make decisions the same way you do. We care about the source, and while sometimes — due to price, availability, or quality — we can’t be perfect with every item we buy, rest assured that we share the same values as you with regard to quality. In addition, it’s more than just the food; be confident that we use natural cleaning products in the restaurant, use low-voltage lighting and recycle and compost. It’s the holistic approach, trying to impact all areas of the business, and we appreciate your support.